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People are really fed- up with water leakages and dampness in their home and offices. Even after waterproofing treatments, problem is just delayed a bit but remains the same. So what exactly is the problem? Why no technology has been able to satisfy the industry stakeholders? Answers are quite simple […]

Why there are so many waterproofing failures?

waterproofing solutions
  Hey,¬†I want to share different types of waterproofing solutions that are being used in most of the constructions and in repair sites that would certainly help you to avoid waterproofing failures. Besides, poor quality material and workmanship,¬†inappropriate type of waterproofing chosen for a particular problem/site is another key reason […]

Different types of waterproofing solutions

Protective layer
It is mandatory to waterproof your terrace surface before taking up terrace gardening. RCC slab is porous and if proper waterproofing treatment is not applied, water would seep through the terrace. Generally, most of the planters are made adjacent to parapet walls. Unfortunately, junction of floor slab and parapet wall […]

Planters and Terrace Garden Waterproofing