People are really fed- up with water leakages and dampness in their home and offices. Even after waterproofing treatments, problem is just delayed a bit but remains the same. So what exactly is the problem? Why no technology has been able to satisfy the industry stakeholders? Answers are quite simple […]

Why there are so many waterproofing failures?

waterproofing solutions
  Hey, I want to share different types of waterproofing solutions that are being used in most of the constructions and in repair sites that would certainly help you to avoid waterproofing failures. Besides, poor quality material and workmanship, inappropriate type of waterproofing chosen for a particular problem/site is another key reason […]

Different types of waterproofing solutions

Protective layer
It is mandatory to waterproof your terrace surface before taking up terrace gardening. RCC slab is porous and if proper waterproofing treatment is not applied, water would seep through the terrace. Generally, most of the planters are made adjacent to parapet walls. Unfortunately, junction of floor slab and parapet wall […]

Planters and Terrace Garden Waterproofing

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Terrace waterproofing is very crucial part in building construction. New technologies in waterproofing have changed construction industry over the years. Huge rise in urbanization and need of economic and effective waterproofing solutions have replaced ineffective old conventional methods of waterproofing with new advanced waterproofing solutions. Here are 5 easy steps […]

5 easy steps for successful terrace waterproofing

  Modern waterproofing methods have changed construction industry over the years. Huge rise in urbanization and need of effective waterproofing techniques have replaced the old conventional waterproofing processes with new updated and more effective waterproofing solutions. Here, we will discuss adoption of new waterproofing systems, their usages, advantages and precautions to be taken for […]

2 latest waterproofing techniques

Waterproofing: Precautions to be taken Waterproofing is one of the most crucial works in any new construction or in repair-maintenance projects. There are lots of losses due to waterproofing failures. All the interior efforts and cost goes into vain due to dampness or leakages. Even a beautifully designed office in […]

Waterproofing: Precautions to be taken

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How to treat damp patches on interior walls? Damp patches on walls in bedroom or living room not only derogate building appearance but also damage structure and health. Dampness may lead to worsening of plaster, masonry, stones,  tiles and also deteriorate timber work and expensive wallpapers. Unfortunately, wrong treatments for […]

How to treat damp patches on interior walls?

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Crystalline Waterproofing Technology – An economic and effective way of waterproofing Concrete, most commonly used material in building & constructions, absorbs water and often gets damaged and deteriorate. During concrete formation tiny holes and capillaries have been created that make concrete porous. Porosity in concrete makes it water permeable. Silicone […]

How Crystalline Waterproofing Technology works?